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Buy-It-Now Game Sales

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Thanks for your interest in Atari Guide's Buy-it-now game sales. All games listed on the website have been cleaned, tested, and placed in a protective bag with a silica-gel pack to keep it moisture free. Items usually ship out within 48 hours, but it may be up to one week. No shipping on weekends. A buy it now price indicates a game which we have in stock. You can also just email me to set up a deal.
If you are intrested in an Atari System or other items, please be sure to visit the store.


Please include a phone number if possible with your order ( put it in the comments field on paypal ), and please make sure your email address and mailing address on paypal are valid.
Please let me know if this is a rush order for a birthday or other special event.
If you don't want to use paypal, email me your order and we will send you a price.
We accept USPS money orders with no shipping delay. We also accept checks and other types of money orders but they will be held until they clear.
$25 returned check charge.


Cartriges are priced based on the auction value in the pages, the price we paid for the cart, and the quantity we have available. As the quantity available goes down, the price will go up, and vice versa.


Prices are for cartidge only unless otherwise noted. Labels range from good to rough, but will be complete. We will email you if the condition of the cart does not meet this description and offer you the cart at a reduced price. A rough label is still readable and intact, but small pieces of the label may be worn away at the corners or edges or may be slightly loose. If you want to choose a particular label, you can do so and there is no surcharge; I don't have time to grade all the carts so you're welcome to hunt thru the inventory for one's you like. You can find the pictures of individual carts for sale by clicking the link to label variations from the main game page.

Cleaning and Testing

All carts are tested, and open faced cartridges are cleaned, closed faced only if they need it. All carts are packaged in a plastic bag to protect your investment, and so you can enjoy your atari for years to come (Hey, these games aren't going to be obsolete anytime soon :). To play your game, just slide it half way out of the bag and insert in your atari (no need to remove cart from bag). All carts are packed with a silica (dessicant) gel pac for protection from humidity. Bags and gel pacs are available in the AtariGuide store.


Prices are not updated realtime, usually they are accurate within 24 hours. But, we may only have one of a particular cart so prices and availabilty are on a first come first serve basis. We will email you if there are any problems with the order.
we are not responsible for misprints or mispricings on the site, and reserve the right to change the price or availability of any cartridge.


We thoroughly test and carefully package all carts.
Atari consoles and all cartridges come with a 30 day warranty. Please contact me to arrange a return.
There is a 25% restocking charge for all returns. This fee may be waived at my discretion.


We ship most items by USPS because they're quick, cheap and reliable. Consoles may require an additional 48 hours for cleaning and testing.
Smaller Items and Orders may be shipped USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and will be insured if totaling more then $100. You may request seperate insurance on your order if totaling less the $100 for $2.
Large orders (more then 40 carts) of very inexpensive carts may be shipped media mail. We will send you a note if we am going to send it this way.

Problems with shopping cart.

Sometimes the paypal shopping cart may cease working and return a message which says "We are experiencing temporary difficulties, please try again later". If this happens you actually need to clear the cookies or paypal's cookies to get it working again. Please refer to your web browser instructions for information on clearing or deleting your cookies.

Money Orders

Make money orders payable to J. Pump and email us to request an address.

Please email for address.

Please be sure to include your name, address, email address, phone number if possible, and the items you want. Please don't forget Sales tax in CA (8.25%) and Shipping and Handling. Send an email if you're not sure. The easiest way to select items is to fill out a shopping cart, then go to the shopping cart and print it. If you want to email it, hit "Ctrl-A" then "Ctrl-C", then open your email and hit ctrl-V. If you don't have a printer, please include the cart number you want. Just putting "blackjack" is not enough, because there are several different labels, and we have to look up the number for each one.

Order multiple items and save on shipping!

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