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CX-40 Atari

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  • Rarity: 1 - Common
  • Auction Value:$20.00
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  • CX-40, a Atari by Atari


    The staple of the Atari 2600 system, you're not going to find an Atari fan who hasn't used this joystick. A good all around and durable performer, the CX-40 is a great entry level joystick, and works well for the hardcore gamer as well. Low tactile feedback from the button and a soft but slightly defined feel to the joystick. The good design and high comfort level of the CX-40 series joysticks was one reason the Atari outdid many other competing platforms.

    Most frequent problems such as it becoming difficult to move one direction or fire can be solved easily. Open the joystick up, cut the tape (be careful not to cut the traces leading to the button) surrounding the little silver button corresponding to the direction or fire button which is giving you trouble, and clean with a little rubbing alcohol and a qtip. Use packing tape to hold it back in place and you're all set. A simple rewiring can change these into a left handed joystick.

    The original version of this joystick which is listed (the 1010J2) is much more difficult to find in working condition. It has a spring loaded mechanism with real switches for the joystick and the firebutton. It feels quite a bit different then the second model of the joystick. This model cost Atari nearly two and a half times as much to produce as the regular Atari joystick, and was only made during the first year. Note the ring in the top of the joystick boot which makes for easy identification.

    All Joysticks come with the AtariGuide standard 30 day guarantee - you're happy or your money back.

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