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Bat Style Wico Atari

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  • Rarity: 3.5 - Uncommon
  • Auction Value:$25.00
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  • Bat Style, a Atari by Wico

    Wico 15-9714

    Wico's Joysticks are among the finest joysticks ever produced for any video game system. The Command control series in particular are extremely durable, comfortable, and responsive. Smooth action stick and good tactile feedback on the buttons. Selectable trigger button; often the "stick" position has been wired so both buttons work. The handle is not interchangable on this model.

    This bat handled joystick is one of three variations of the command controller available. Extra-long araade-style bat handle grip that moves smoothly and easily into all 8 standard positions.

    All Joysticks come with the AtariGuide standard 30 day guarantee - you're happy or your money back.

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